One of the best ways to get leads through your website is to give the visitors information that they need without them knowing that they need it.

Let’s face it – people don’t like to feel as if they are dumb. But if you give them information that is useful without them feeling as if they are being talked down to, it can really make them sit up and take notice.

For example, take a company that sells jewelry. Most everyone knows what the birthstones are for the different months of the year. But someone who has a jewelry website could offer a chart for different anniversaries. For example, the 40th wedding anniversary gemstone is ruby.

Another thing that a jewelry website could offer is cleaning tips for different types of gemstones, because not every method can be used on every type of gemstone. But that is something that can be offered on the website as well.

Both of the examples above are things that people may not know that they want to know, but it’s information that is quite useful and people are going to be happy that it’s available.

People like to know that the company is offering them information that is useful to them, because it doesn’t make them feel as if the company is only trying to make a sale.

The more useful information that you offer people, the better chance you have of making a sale. People like to get things that are free, even if it is only free information.