Checking Bangla or Any Word Meaning Online

Lot of you guys have been asking me how to improve english. I have always said read more online & know what you are reading. Understand the meaning of it. For bengali it is a big hurdle to under meaning of every word checking dictionary book, sometimes guys are tends to get lazy because of that. I have given a desktop software which will help you to know word meaning with just two clicks. But what if you are not bangali?

Here is a cool solution for all of you where you can check word meaning with pronunciation for almost all language online & it is none other than google translator. Click here to install & read the instruction below to operate it properly.


Install the chrome extension

search extension


When it appears on browser tab right click to select option

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.11.27 AM


In the option panel check language & set it to your desire

option bangla select


When you want to check any word just double click you will see a “G” button; click that

word click


The popup menu will appear with meaning & you can also check the pronunciation by clicking the speaker



I hope it was helpful for you, i dont want you to have any excuse to read & learn proper english which i have been emphasizing from the beginning, which is why i kept the site in english. As online marketing requires you to read, writer even talk in english.

If you want to improve your grammar, there is another fantastic extension called Grammerly. Check it here all you have to do is install & create a free account.

I have also fetch you some ebooks to improve english please check “Gift From Me” tab.

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Areful Eeslam